The Ecological Difference

100-esc-env-logoIn addition to our M&E Design, Environmental and Sustainability capabilities, ESC are able to provide a broad range of additional complementary services to support your project’s ecological credentials.  Ecological services we can provide include…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (also known as Extended Phase 1 Survey) – a report identifying ecological features of your site and any potential constraints
  • Protected Species Surveys – reporting on any notable species found during the survey and, where necessary, advising on any necessary mitigation and licence applications (including for reptiles, badgers, great crested newts and nesting birds etc.).
  • Invasive Plant Species Survey – identifying any invasive species that may be on site and advising on how to deal with them
  • Mitigation Reports – providing recommendations and advice on reducing the impacts on ecology throughout the design, construction and ongoing lifecycle of your development
  • Ecological Enhancement Strategy – recommendations and advice on creating and enhancing site ecology
  • BREEAM Ecological Assessments – allowing the application for credits within BREEAM Assessments for Land Use and Ecology (LE01-LE05)
  • Ecological Clerk of Works – an advisory role demonstrating compliance with environmental planning conditions and legislation
  • Habitat Creation – offering recommendations and advice on your design with regard to creating or enhancing habitats
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (or Environmental Management Plan) – documenting and advising on how to avoid, minimise or mitigate the effects of the project on the environment.
  • Landscape and Habitat Management Plan – a strategy for maintaining the site and the necessary monitoring post-construction
  • Ecological Toolbox Talks – how to identify and protect a wide range of species as well as applicable legislation & licensing requirement (see news page for more information)

The table below details both the recommended and possible times for carrying out various surveys, but we would be only too pleased to discuss your Ecological requirements in order to schedule the correct assessments at the correct times:   

This graphic details some of the ecological services we are able to provide, although this list is not exhaustive. Please do contact us to see how we are able to assist with your project’s requirements.