Further to the introduction of new Building Regulations for England on 15 June 2022, the BRE have taken the decision to update their New Construction 2018 Assessment to BREEAM UK New Construction Version 6

“To ensure BREEAM UK New Construction continues to reflect the latest regulations and drive projects beyond best practice, BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 will be updated to BREEAM UK New Construction V6 to reflect the updated Building Regulations in England for Energy (Part L) and Ventilation (Part F2).

“For Ventilation and Air Quality, the upgrade will apply in all UK countries, whilst for energy, which measures the energy performance improvement over minimum standards set by building regulations, country specific performance scales (translator curves) will continue to apply. Accordingly, only the performance scales (translator curves) for England will be changed for BREEAM UK New Construction V6. For Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland they will remain the same as in BREEAM UK New Construction 2018. We will release further updates when Building Regulations for Energy are updated in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

“We recognise that not all projects in England will be following the updated Part L 2021 Building Regulations so both BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 and BREEAM UK New Construction V6 will be available for new registrations.  Please select the correct version when registering new assessments, assessments registered under 2018 can be moved to the newer version on request, however, registrations under V6 cannot be moved back to an older version.

“The BREEAM UK New Construction V6 scheme will be released in August 2022. Further details to confirm the scope of the amendments and formal release date will be published prior to release.”

## UPDATE – launches 24 August 2022 – further information is available here ##

For further information on the new certification, please do get in touch with Vicki Wilson.