The BRE have announced the rebranding of CEEQUAL (Version 6) as it instead joins the BREEAM suite of products as ‘BREEAM Infrastructure’.

According to the BRE…

“The CEEQUAL scheme is well respected in the infrastructure sector and has a strong network of verifiers, clients and assessors that are successfully growing and operating the scheme. The move will enable:

  • Alignment of CEEQUAL with the BRE corporate brand strategy, strengthening the connections between Infrastructure sustainability and the BRE organisation
  • A more descriptive title for the scheme helping those who are new to the scheme to understand its purpose

“The scheme technical content and methodology will remain the same.

“Following the launch of the rebrand and to enable a smooth transition, key documents and sources of information will be dual titled as BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL). This will be phased out over six months.

“The previous BREEAM Infrastructure (pilot) scheme is closed and does not reflect on this rebrand. Registered projects being assessed against older versions of the CEEQUAL scheme will continue under the CEEQUAL brand. Further details on the rollout of the update will follow over the coming months.”


For more information on the update and how it may affect planning for your future projects, please contact Vicki Wilson