Performance & Occupancy Evaluations

Building Performance and Occupancy Evaluations are a recognised method of assessing the environmental performance of a building, the satisfaction of its occupiers and the delivery of design and construction processes.

Evaluations can be carried out on new, existing and refurbished buildings and provide a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Highlighting any immediate issues following initial occupation and identifying – and closing – any gaps in communication;
  • Evaluating existing building performance and/or establishing a baseline to enable monitoring of ongoing performance;
  • Improving occupant comfort and satisfaction;
  • Analysing and improving environmental performance; 
  • Reviewing the design and construction process to identify any lessons learnt with the view of informing future developments; 
  • Achieving the BREEAM Man 05 (Post Occupancy Evaluation) credit

A bespoke evaluation process is established with the occupier/owner according to the type of development. For example, a typical process may involve an initial assessment to determine the benchmark, followed by quarterly reviews over the course of a year, including such actions as:

  • Occupant satisfaction surveys (using questionnaires and face-to-face interviews);
  • Analysis of energy, fuel and water usage data and environmental monitoring, e.g. temperature, air quality, noise etc.;
  • Review of the operation and maintenance of building services and their associated controls.

At the end of the process a 12-month review is carried out, including; 

  • Final occupant satisfaction surveys, capturing any issues that have arisen from previous evaluations and recognising any improvements that have been made during the process;
  • Analysis of overall building performance across the 12 months, including comparisons with expected design performance and/or existing building baseline data;
  • A complete Building Performance and Occupancy Evaluation report, summarising all data collected during the evaluation period;
  • A final presentation or workshop for any interested parties in order to feed back the findings of the Building Performance and Occupancy Evaluation process.

For further information on Building Performance and Occupancy Evaluations, or to discuss in greater detail how ESC is able to assist in assessing the performance of your building and satisfaction of its occupants, please call Jessica Lees on 0121 214 8998 or email