Our Approach

Our approach is pretty simple. We’re not “just engineers”. Our team is here to help make your building and its environment the very best it can be, both now and in the future.

We like to make the difference to your project in a number of ways…

CLIENT DIFFERENCE: We take the time to get to know you. But not only you… We also want to understand the real requirements for your building (e.g. What is its purpose? What are the needs of the occupants? The plans for its future? The investment requirements? The impact on the environment?). As Building Services Engineers who understand the physics of the structure, we work closely with your design team (particularly the architects) from the early concept stage, advising on the form and fabric of the building, setting the performance standards the building should achieve, the specification of the materials, the orientation of the building and the way in which the building envelope itself will help to passively manage the internal environment. We are always here to answer your questions, make suggestions and share our expertise ensuring the expectations of your building are met by all the users.

COMMERCIAL DIFFERENCE: We’re not “just engineers” – we’re business people too! We work with you to consider the many issues that will affect the success of a building in meeting the needs of its occupants, both now and in the future. Our experience in the private sector coupled with our understanding of why people build, occupy and invest in property means we don’t waste space or time, specify outlandish designs or add equipment just because tradition dictates it’s what you “should” do! Our designs are commercially focused but client driven at all times… You won’t find any spare space in our plant rooms! 

INNOVATIVE DIFFERENCE: Innovation is at the heart of everything ESC does… we recognise that without it our environment, buildings and the people in them would stagnate. But is there really anything ‘innovative’ left to develop for buildings? Remember the Georgians and Victorians were innovators with many of their passive building features still being utilised today. We believe today’s true innovations are about the ways in which materials, equipment and systems are integrated into a design.

TECHNICAL DIFFERENCE: ESC is also rightly proud of the way in which our team continually develop themselves and their knowledge, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date methods, skills and advice for your project. We use a variety of software, notably IES Virtual Environment and Bentley TAS, to create computer models of the buildings. These models then allow us to analyse thermal performances, look at heat loss and gain, dynamic air movement within and across the building, as well as analyse the effectiveness of any systems prior to installation. We can then create designs that are much closer to the actual building performance that that which may otherwise have been achieved. We also constantly update our knowledge of the latest technologies and Statutory Regulations to be certain you are provided with the most current design knowledge. 

LOGICAL DIFFERENCE: To sum our approach up…

  • We don’t assume. Nobody knows better what you want or need from your building. We’re there to ensure your requirements are met in the best possible way. We ask questions, listen to your answers and consider all the requirements and options before charging off to the CAD machine! plans
  • Don’t use energy irresponsibly. Even if someone else is paying for it, it doesn’t mean you can let it go to waste… that costs both environmentally and financially! 
  • How long will your building be around? We need to make sure it can be adapted in the future without causing a lot of hassle and costing a lot of money!
  • Keep learning. Technology moves rapidly and we need to ensure our skills, expertise and qualifications keep pace.
  • Be helpful. As experts in our field we offer you our advice and recommendations in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for your project.
  • Think about the occupant’s wants and needs. We build buildings for people to use (most of the time). Is your building going to serve them well?
  • Use common sense (some people still have it, you know!). We’ve honed ours over many years to provide practical solutions to complicated conundrums.