Our team of experts work together to ensure your building provides the healthiest of environments for your occupiers. By investing in the health of the building, you’re also investing in the health of your people – increasing productivity, reducing absence and demonstrating your commitment to slashing energy wastage.

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The world’s foremost environmental assessment method  & rating system. Defines best practice for environmental performance and sustainable building design. BREEAM measurements include:

  • Low impact design
  • Minimisation of energy demands
  • Internal environment
  • Pollution
  • Energy Management
  • Ecology

The sustainability assessment, rating and award scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects. Benefits of CEEQUAL certification include:

  • Performance improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Demonstrating commitment to sustainability best-practice
  • Benchmarking & knowledge sharing
  • Delivering more sustainable projects

The national HQM standard  for new homes using a simple 5-star rating system. This provides occupants with confirmation of the quality of the design and construction of their property including:

  • Impacts on health & wellbeing
  • Environmental footprint
  • Running costs
  • Flood resilience
  • Overheating
  • Digital connectivity
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BREEAM In Use is world’s foremost environmental assessment method  & rating system for existing buildings. It is benchmarked for progression to Net Zero Carbon in operation, as well as other key environmental aspects

  • Reduction of running costs
  • Improves health & comfort
  • Encourages sustainable management practices
  • Reduction of exposure to risks
  • Future-proofs buildings
  • Significant contribution to ESG

The Building with Nature (BwN) Award is a voluntary scheme enabling developers to deliver and authenticate high-quality green infrastructure, maximising benefits for citizens and the natural world.

  • Reduces planning uncertainty
  • Increases local community engagement
  • Demonstrates ESG commitment
  • Holistic design principles
  • Delivering more for people and wildlife

Our experienced team of Accredited Professionals and Assessors  work closely with our clients to deliver a bespoke and professional service, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and our environment as well as to the health and wellbeing of  the building’s occupants.