The Brief: ESC was appointed to assist in producing a brand-standard specification for Bloc Hotels which reflects their commitment to be at the forefront of “smart hotel” design and innovation and incorporating new technologies. Subsequently we designed the mechanical and electrical services for a 31-apartment hotel room extension to the existing 73-bedroom Bloc Hotel on Caroline Street, in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

The Engineering Difference: We worked with the architects from the early stages of the building design in order to engineer a ‘fabric first’ building envelope design which minimised unwanted heat loss and gains. Air source heat pumps were used as a low carbon technology, providing each room with independent heating and cooling according to the requirements of the occupant. Each room has a tablet integrated with internal services and linked back to intelligent control. This allows the occupant to control lighting, shading and thermal control electronically. 

An Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘B’ was achieved without the need for renewable technologies because of the building envelope design.

Key Aspects:

  • Producing Brand-Standard Specification
  • Extension to the existing Bloc Hotel
  • Design co-ordination taking into account restricted site
  • New technology innovations
  • M&E Guardian role
  • EPC of ‘B’ without need of renewables

Value: Confidential

Duties: ACE Schedule of Services Performance Duties RIBA stages A to L.

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