The Brief: Both new-build and refurbishment of Co-Op Convenience Stores, generally located in high-density residential suburbs of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

As a rule, stores are split between front of house retail and back of house (encompassing storage/amenity/office areas), and there is a highly-detailed corporate specification to be met. 

The Engineering Difference: Each building has been designed to exceed Building Regulations requirements utilising high grade insulation and industry-recognised efficient built methods. Through detailed thermal modelling (using IES Virtual Environment) we defined the required building envelope thermal performance. 

All lighting within the stores (both front and back of house) is achieved using LED only light source luminaires and energy efficient automatic lighting switching where appropriate.

As an additional energy saving feature, all non-essential circuits are contractor controlled and isolated when the intruder alarm is set to ensure very little energy is being used whilst the stores are not in operation.

Full off-site monitoring of electricity meters is also provided and for each distribution board throughout the property. This allows the building operators to accurately assess their own energy usage and determine any anomalies.