The Brief: We were proud to be involved in the design and build of this 19,415m² (208,905ft²) purpose built facility which houses the design, development and manufacturing operations for an international aerospace company.

The £30m project required the integration Category A and Category B works, and was to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ and a production facility that was rated as EPC ‘B’.

ESC‘s brief was to deliver a purpose built specific manufacturing facility which had low carbon emissions and could accommodate a variety of manufacturing functions. We worked with the Architects and the design team to engineer the building envelope to minimise unwanted heat loss and gain and the building was computer modelled to optimise the amount of glazing and façade and shading.

The Engineering Difference: The internal engineering system comprise a VRF system throughout the office areas, An induction ventilation system throughout the manufacturing facility, specialist ventilation system for the various chemical processes, Compressed air distribution throughout, process cooling via a dedicated cooling tower, and flexible power distribution system to allow for the relocation of machinery and processes in the future.

Heat recovery ventilation provides fresh air throughout the office areas and a fully digital BMS controls the HVAC systems to optimise the output from all the systems against demand.

The building achieves an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘B’ and a BREEAM rating of Very Good and also achieves requirements of the 2010 Building Regulations Part L2A. 

Key Aspects:

  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Engineered building envelope
  • Specialist M&E Systems
  • EPC of ‘B’
  • BREEAM Very Good
  • Intrinsically sustainable
  • Developing M&E Services Strategy for the Client

Value: £30m

Duties: ACE Schedule of Services Performance Duties RIBA stages A to L

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