Staffordshire County Council’s estate was in disrepair and was spread over a great many unconnected buildings. To introduce new working practices and deliver greater efficiency, they required entirely new facilities. The challenge set to the design team was to create a building which embodied all the facilities of a modern office, but which emitted low levels of carbon and utilised renewable energy systems, to reflect SCC’s responsibility as a Local Authority.

BREEAM Scheme:   BREEAM Offices 2008

BREEAM Score:     71.39%

BREEAM Rating:    Excellent

The Environmental Difference: 

  • Installation of bird and bat boxes
  • Green/brown roof
  • Biomass boiler installed using wood chips as an energy source with low carbon emissions (wood chip supplied from Council’s own land)
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Permeable paving around the site, reducing the risk of flooding from surface water run-off

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