The Brief:  To build a dealership providing new and used car sales as well as an extensive purpose-designed servicing and repairs workshop, all the while adhering to the stringent brief delivered by Audi UK.

The Engineering Difference: Through detailed thermal modelling, we defined the required building envelope thermal performance focusing specifically on the large amount of glazing which was a key part of the design.

Of course, lighting was crucial to the design, so we liaised with specialists to provide a compliant and energy efficient solution that complimented both the display of the vehicles and services.

Lighting within the service area was achieved by high-bay fittings with special optics to give optimum lighting levels with the minimum of shadowing.

The project involved close working with a number of individual client-employed specialists. Clear, concise and timely communication with all parties was vitally important meaning that the M&E services were delivered in co-ordination with the other specialists.

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