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London Taxi Company’s New HQ: A Milestone in Electric Vehicle Market Investment

London Electric Vehicle Company’s (LEVC) new manufacturing and office headquarters, a significant investment in the electric vehicle market by parent company Geely, stands as a testament to ESC’s expertise in delivering innovative and sustainable mechanical and electrical (M&E) solutions. This purpose-built facility, spanning 550,000ft², serves as a dynamic hub for over 600 office and assembly line staff.

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The Brief

ESC played a pivotal role in the project, responsible for the comprehensive design of both base building services and assembly line-specific systems.

The scope included power distribution, gas, water, and compressed air systems for the main assembly line, which incorporates paint booths, inspection areas, warehousing, and vehicle test cells. The project demanded meticulous attention to energy consumption, environmental controls, and the overall well-being of assembly line workers.

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Design and Construction:

The engineered building envelope, a cornerstone of ESC’s design, played a crucial role in optimising thermal performance.

Specialist M&E systems, including VRF heat pump systems and central heat recovery fresh air systems, were strategically implemented throughout office areas.

In production zones, ESC introduced induction heating systems, industrial displacement systems, and ventilation systems for various chemical processes.

Energy Audit and Improvements

Two years after the base build completion, ESC undertook an extensive energy audit, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement.

The audit involved on-site surveys, interrogation of Building Management Systems, and a thorough data collection operation. Analysing energy and water consumption figures provided a detailed understanding of energy use across the facility.

ESC referenced this data against industry benchmarks and design forecasts, identifying efficiency waypoints for existing systems. The findings were presented through clear graphs, schedules, and charts, offering a comprehensive breakdown of energy consumption. ESC went further by providing valuable advice on reasons for benchmarked energy use, accompanied by guidance on potential measures for reduction and their associated consequences.

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The Outcome

The LEVC headquarters, valued at over £50 million, achieved outstanding results with an ‘A’ Energy Performance Certificate rating and a BREEAM Excellent rating.

The state-of-the-art facility is a testament to ESC’s commitment to sustainability, engineering excellence, and client satisfaction.

At the core of London Electric Vehicle Company’s innovative headquarters is a meticulously designed fusion of engineering excellence and sustainable solutions. ESC’s commitment is evident in the optimized thermal performance ensured by the engineered building envelope. The integration of heat recovery ventilation and specialised mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, including VRF heat pumps and central heat recovery fresh air systems, showcases ESC’s dedication to energy efficiency. This £50 million+ project exemplifies ESC’s pledge to delivering cutting-edge solutions prioritizing environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

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