Severn Trent Centre, Coventry






£60m approx




MEP Design

Nestled in Coventry, the Severn Trent Centre serves as a dynamic operational hub, comprising a new 20,000m² office space that functions as the central workplace for Severn Trent, accommodating 1,700 staff across seven floors.


A cornerstone of Severn Trent’s strategic reorganisation, this facility was commissioned to be a corporate headquarters with minimal carbon emissions while prioritising flexibility and adaptability.

This vision was realised through a meticulous integration of architecture and engineering services, with the building’s envelope computer-modelled and engineered to optimise energy efficiency.


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The Brief

The engineering system within the building mirrors a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. A floor supply displacement ventilation system with variable air volume and temperature, alongside perimeter heating and localised cooling for meeting areas, ensures optimal internal conditions.

To further reduce carbon emissions, the facility incorporates a biomass boiler plant, photovoltaic cell arrays, and solar thermal hot water panels. A key aspect of the project was the adoption of Adaptive Comfort criteria, promoting occupant interaction with the environment. The building encourages flexible working patterns with no fixed desk positions, fostering a dynamic culture within the workplace.

The project, valued at approximately £60 million, adheres to the highest environmental standards, achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of B, nearly A. Positioned as an exemplar building, the Severn Trent Centre integrates intrinsically sustainable features and desires for Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies, setting a benchmark for environmentally conscious corporate spaces.


The Outcome

The completion of the Severn Trent Centre represents a triumph in sustainable corporate architecture, achieving the delicate balance of operational efficiency, occupant comfort, and minimal environmental impact.


The detailed integration of architecture and engineering services has resulted in a structure that not only meets but exceeds the aspirations of Severn Trent’s reorganisation strategy.

Cutting-edge technologies, such as biomass boilers and photovoltaic cells, coupled with the adoption of Adaptive Comfort criteria, showcase a commitment to progressive environmental practices and occupant well-being. The building’s achievement of BREEAM Excellent and an EPC rating nearly reaching A underscores its status as a model in sustainable design.

Our involvement in this project, encompassing ACE Schedule of Services Performance Duties across RIBA stages A to L, has been instrumental in delivering a state-of-the-art facility that harmonises corporate functionality with ecological responsibility. The Severn Trent Centre is not just an office space; it is a testament to the future of environmentally conscious and occupant-centric corporate architecture.


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