The Hut Group, Manchester






£150m approx.


11.6 acres


MEP Design

The Hut Group (THG), a global leader in online beauty and wellbeing, undertook a revolutionary project in Manchester, signalling a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy.

This visionary undertaking was not merely a construction project but a strategic move, underscoring THG’s commitment to innovation and growth.

Spanning an impressive 11.6 acres at the iconic ICON location near Manchester Airport, the project was more than bricks and mortar; it was a bold statement of THG’s intent to redefine industry standards.

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The Brief

The £150 million project addressed THG’s growth by incorporating logistics and content creation facilities (168,000 ft²) and four floors of office space (104,000 ft²).

The design included a stand-alone multi-storey car park with 300 spaces over six floors and 470 ground floor spaces. The development prioritised sustainability with an engineered building envelope, targeting BREEAM Excellent certification and an ‘B’ EPC rating. Operative temperature controls were integrated for optimal working conditions.

With completion expected in July 2020, the project aimed to create 2,000 new roles, supporting THG’s expansion. Future plans included establishing a global headquarters at the airport, adding 280,000 ft² in the first phase and envisioning three additional phases to accommodate up to 10,000 employees, positioning it as a major bespoke office development outside of London.

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The Outcome

The successful completion of the ICON development at Manchester Airport marked a significant achievement for THG.

The facility seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art logistics and content creation capabilities with modern office spaces, fostering a dynamic work environment.

The engineered building envelope, BREEAM Excellent certification, and ‘B’ EPC rating demonstrated THG’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices.

Beyond the tangible infrastructure, the project had a far-reaching impact on the local economy. The creation of approximately 2,000 new roles within THG’s workforce injected vitality into the job market and positioned THG as a key contributor to Manchester’s economic growth.

Moreover, the ICON development served as a prelude to THG’s future plans, with the establishment of a global headquarters at the airport, further solidifying their commitment to long-term growth and innovation. This landmark project not only elevated THG’s presence in the beauty and wellbeing industry but also set a benchmark for large-scale, sustainable, and technologically advanced developments in the region.

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