The BREEAM Difference

We are qualified BREEAM Assessors and BREEAM Accredited/Advisory Professionals (AP) based in Birmingham but working throughout the UK.

We are keen promoters of the BREEAM standard and our qualified BREEAM Assessors and Accredited Professionals are here to assist with ensuring your building achieves the highest possible rating.

Environmental & Sustainability Services – Suggested Timeline

We like to be involved at the beginning of a project, helping to define how the building and its environs are best able to achieve their required standards and performance.

Please click on the table opposite which details some of the BREEAM Services we are able to offer and the best times for us to be involved/appointed. 

In addition to licensed assessors, ESC is also able to provide design advice and guidance from their certified BREEAM Accredited/Advisory Professionals (AP). The appointment of a BREEAM AP at RIBA Stage 1/2 enables 2 credits within the Man 01 Project Brief and Design issue to be achieved. A further credit can be achieved under the Man 03 Construction Site Impacts issue if the appointment is continued throughout the construction stages.

The AP’s role broadly consists of: 

  • Monitoring of the project to ensure ongoing compliance with the relevant sustainability performance criteria.
  • Site visits at the key stages of construction to carry out spot checks to address any shortcomings in compliance.
  • Progress reports to identify potential areas of non-compliance.
  • Guidance on priority credits and trade-offs if/when required.

We are also qualified to carry out CEEQUAL Assessments, an evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and award scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects.CEEQUAL Assessments from ESC

The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Awards Scheme (CEEQUAL) is part of the BREEAM family, and its benefits include:

  • Delivering more sustainable civil engineering projects
  • Enabling performance improvement
  • Delivering better value/reducing costs
  • Demonstrating commitment to sustainability best practice
  • Enhancing team collaboration
  • Enabling benchmarking and knowledge sharing

Please contact Vicki Wilson, Associate Director, if you’d like to discuss your project’s BREEAM requirements in further detail.