The blue Rolex Submariner replica watches were very popular in the 1970s, but with the blue dial and bezel exclusively available in a solid 18k gold version, the price of a blue Submariner is impossible, for some buyers in the UK. However, in 1984, the replica Rolex released the first two-tone Submariner (ref. 16803), offering the choices of black or blue dials and bezels, which expanded the supply of blue Submariner watches to a significantly wider range of potential buyers.

Although Rolesor (the iconic term for Rolex's use of stainless steel and gold parts on a watch) does not seem to be the material combination of diving tools that people immediately think of, gold's extreme saltwater corrosion resistance (even better than steel) actually makes this fusion unexpected easy. The yellow gold parts provide many luxurious models that are the same as solid gold watches, without almost the same weight or cost, usually with the gold luxury watches for men.

The first generation of two-tone blue fake Rolex Submariner watches also brought some other updates to the new collection, such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, unidirectional rotating bezels, and 300 meters of increased depth rating. The same enhancements also appeared on the pure gold version of the blue Submariner (ref. 16808), marking a big step forward for Rolex's iconic dive watch. However, by the end of the 1980s, a new sport led to another update of the Submariner. Rolex launched a new generation in 1988, basically retaining the same core design of its predecessor, but now it is characterized by the updated caliber 3135 movement.

Just like before, the blue dial and bezel are exclusively provided in the two-tone and pure gold version of the replica Rolex Submariner Date, although the new ref. 16613 and the reference number 16618 seem to be almost identical to the two-tone and 18k gold models from the previous generation, the New version and updated Karl. The 3135 movement will continue to be produced for more than 20 years until Rolex finally overhauls the Submariner in 2008.

Although the reference 1661x series of cheap fake Rolex Submariner watches represent only a small aesthetic update compared to the previous generation, these models will continue to define Rolex's legendary dive watches for more than 20 years. However, starting in 2008, the Rolex replica began to introduce a new generation of Submariner watches, including a new blue model made of 18k white gold.

Although the new generation is made of the same Caliber 3135 movement, almost all other related Swiss replica watches have changed. The Rolex Submariner's 40mm case now has thicker lugs and a larger crown guard for a larger, more angular overall appearance. In addition, although the previous generation of bezel inserts are made of anodized aluminum, the new generation of bezel inserts is made of a piece of Cerachrom, which is a Rolex proprietary ceramic material, which is almost free from scratches and UV light.

As before, the new solid 18k yellow gold Submariner replica offers a black (ref. 116618LN) or blue (ref. 116618LB) dial and bezel. However, the lineup added in 2008 is the ref. 116619LB, which also has a blue dial and blue ceramic bezel, but is made entirely of solid 18k white gold. Quickly picking up the nickname "Smurf" due to its white and blue outline, the blue dial mounted on ref. 116619 is a smooth flat blue style, which sets it apart from the two-tone and gold version found in the sunburst blue style Submariner.

In 2009, Rolex replica released an upgraded version of the blue Submariner completed in signature two-tone steel and gold Rolesor. Just like the solid gold version, the new two-tone Submariner watch offers a black or blue dial and bezel. The blue version is labeled ref.116613LB, where LB stands for "Lunette Bleu" ("blue bezel" in French). In addition, just like the updated solid gold version, the new two-tone blue Rolex Submariner uses a bezel made of a proprietary blue Cerachrom material. That's why most people would like to buy it from the UK online shop.